Is it true that Elon Musk Buys Xvideos 2024

Elon Musk Buys Xvideos

Entrepreneur and businessman Elon Musk Buys Xvideos is famous worldwide. Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX and founder of The Boring Company and Neuralink, is known for driving technology forward.

One of the biggest adult film and pornographic websites is Xvideos. Founded in 2007, Xvideos is the world’s largest porn site, with 4.4 billion monthly views. WGCZ Holding, a French firm, owns Xvideos, which provides hundreds of thousands of anonymous pornographic videos.

Thus, the January 2023 rumour that Elon Musk had bought Xvideos prompted suspicion. A fake Xvideos account tweeted that Musk bought the platform for $3 billion. Musk’s purchase of Twitter and intention to allow more free expression on the platform made buying one of the major porn sites at least possible.

Rumours Arise

In early February 2023, social media rumours spread that billionaire Elon Musk had bought Xvideos. Twitter and Reddit reports suggested Musk bought Xvideos for an unknown amount.

The rumours came from unconfirmed Twitter accounts claiming insider transaction knowledge. Multiple tweets went viral, provoking online curiosity and debate.

A tweet from “@WallStInsights” read, “Hearing rumours that @elonmusk has acquired adult site Xvideos.” “Source indicates deal happened earlier this week.” Thousands of people retweeted, and media sites covered this strange message.

Several Reddit discussions claimed Musk would acquire Xvideos soon. Over the past few weeks, Redditors have seen Xvideos’ design and server infrastructure changing. However, these statements could have been more reliable.

Musk, Xvideos, and other sources did not confirm Musk buying Xvideos. The rumours were unfounded but circulated quickly due to the significant personalities and spectacular nature of the deal. Without facts, online rumours and conjecture filled the hole.

Elon Musk Replies

The purchase of Elon Musk Buys Xvideos went viral on social media and made headlines on various news sites. Musk tweeted that he denied the acquisition.

Musk tweeted “No” to the rumour on January 27th. It ends the story. Musk is known for his directness on Twitter, so his simple “No” was considered an official denial.

No evidence supported the rumour until Musk’s rebuttal. Musk did not comment, and Xvideos, financial records, and trustworthy press sources did not help it. Musk’s straightforward tweet putting the rumour to rest matched the lack of proof.

Musk has denounced other mergers and acquisitions on Twitter with equal certainty. “Not true” was his 2020 tweet response to a rumour that he was considering buying dogecoin. This trend of Twitter refutations makes it unlikely he bought Xvideos without an announcement.

Examining Source

In late December 2022, social media rumours spread that Elon Musk had bought Xvideos, a major adult film-sharing company. The tweet from @MarketRebels said, “Elon Musk buys Xvideos Pornhub & for $3.2 billion!”

No evidence supports this claim, and there are various reasons to mistrust it. First, @MarketRebels appears to be a new account with few followers—the account tweets mostly incendiary claims without reference or connections to reporting.

Second, no reliable source mentions Musk buying Xvideos or Pornhub. No major media outlets have covered this deal, which would be a significant business story.

Finally, Elon Musk Buys Xvideos has yet to confirm or suggest such a transaction. Musk is active on Twitter and routinely addresses big business news. His silence strongly suggests this rumour is false.

So, the original story that Musk bought Xvideos seems questionable. No respectable news source has confirmed the report from @MarketRebels, which gives no evidence. Examining the source shows this rumour could be more reliable.

Musk and Acquisitions

Musk and Acquisitions

Elon Musk Buys Xvideos businesses have bought several high-profile enterprises. His significant acquisitions include:

2002: Musk led Adaptive Path’s $6 million Series A fundraising round. It was his first big purchase.

SpaceX CEO and CTO Musk founded it in 2002. He built it into a prominent private spaceflight enterprise.

2004: Musk funded cancer treatment accelerator Halcyon Molecular’s Series A. He joined it with others to form Human Longevity Inc.

2006: Musk helped Tesla Motors acquire SolarCity, merging the solar panel and electric vehicle companies—the majority stakeholder in both.

2016: Musk arranged Tesla’s $2.6 billion all-stock acquisition of SolarCity. A vertically integrated sustainable energy firm resulted.

2018: Musk launched The Boring Company and bought numerous associated companies to expand the construction of underground tunnels.

Musk bought Twitter for $44 billion in 2022 following months of legal negotiations. It was his biggest purchase.

Musk has made daring, unusual technology industry acquisitions, but he has never bought one of the world’s major pornographic sites. However, Xvideos would be different from his past purchases.

The Adult Entertainment Industry: Background

Adult entertainment has changed dramatically in recent years. Massive production firms like Vivid Entertainment, Naughty America, and Wicked Pictures have lost market share to free tube sites like Pornhub and Xvideos.

Instead of memberships or video sales, Pornhub and Xvideos make money via advertising. This free content strategy has slashed traditional studio profits. However, prominent studios like Pornhub’s MindGeek have taken a “can’t beat ’em, join ’em” strategy. In addition to premium content, MindGeek runs many free tube sites.

The rise of independent content makers on OnlyFans is another tectonic shift. Only Fans’ top earners like Bella Thorne can make over $1 million monthly from exclusive access. The democratization of content production has allowed performers to develop personal brands and monetize from their audience.

Piracy and free content have hurt the adult industry, yet it still makes over $10 billion. Digitizing adult entertainment has created new business models and revenue streams. Though content production and distribution have changed, major businesses have adapted to new opportunities.

Company history of Xvideos

One of the biggest adult video-sharing sites is Xvideos. The Prague-based WGCZ Holding owns the 2007-founded website. Although the corporation maintains much of its operations private, some crucial details are known:

With 4.5 billion monthly visitors, Xvideos is the largest pornographic website. It makes it the 38th most visited website worldwide.

Over 6 million pornographic videos are on the web.

Xvideos has localized sites for France, Germany, Japan, and others. It has multilingual content.

XVideos likely earns over $460 million from advertising. Ads monetize the site’s free films.

Over the years, Xvideos has had issues with illegal content loading and age verification. The corporation has a zero-tolerance policy, eliminates unlawful material, and uses automated detection.

While the private corporation releases little information, Xvideos has evolved into a pornographic film juggernaut since its beginnings over a decade ago. Xvideos’ huge reach and video library make it one of the most viewed websites.

An online rumour about Elon Musk acquiring adult video-sharing site Xvideos gained popularity for several reasons:

Musk’s personality cult and unforeseen disruption: Musk has painted himself as an inventive rule-breaker who does things his way. It makes the public think he might do something unexpected, like buy an adult site. Musk’s stories get greater attention because people find him fascinating and believe he can do anything.

Clickbait: Musk’s name and an adult site make tempting clickbait that many people will click on out of curiosity. This clickbait potential propagated the rumour quickly on social media.

Musk enthusiasts’ wishful thinking Musk’s biggest fans want him to disrupt the adult business if the rumour is true. This bias led them to spread rumours without checking.

Musk-motive assumptions Some believe ultra-wealthy males like Musk buy firms for personal reasons like power, attention, and indulgence. Some thought the rumour was because of this premise.

Social media allows misinformation to proliferate quickly without fact-checking. Few checked the rumour before spreading it. Social media sharing overtook truth.

Elon Musk Buys Xvideos and sexual entertainment are unpredictable, so the rumour spread swiftly. It shows how easily disinformation spreads online when people don’t verify.

Lessons Learned

This rumour teaches us how to verify online claims:

Consider origin. Check the credibility of the original publisher or sharer of the claim. Anonymous or obscure sources may be unreliable.

Make sure numerous reliable sources validate the news. Unverified single-source statements are suspect.

Beware of “clickbait” headlines that startle rather than inform. Celebrity rumours circulate quickly regardless of accuracy.

Check for party responses. People and companies often dispute unfounded rumours.

Make sense and consider the context. Is the assertion reasonable considering the situation and personalities? Extreme assertions need verification.

Avoid altered and phoney screenshots that can spread disinformation. Validate with originals.

Think before sharing. Check a claim’s credibility before sharing or retweeting. Unconfirmed rumours spread misinformation.

Look past the headline. Read the full article for insights and nuance that headlines miss.

Be sceptical of rumours meant to shock or anger. Verify facts from reliable sources before reaching conclusions.

Be aware of your biases. Are you more likely to accept or share a claim that supports your beliefs? Objective analysis overcomes confirmation bias.

Critical thinking and not believing statements can assist in avoiding disinformation. Before verification, doubt unconfirmed rumours.


Elon Musk Buys Xvideos reportedly bought sexual film site Xvideos earlier this year, spreading on social media. Our research discovered no credible evidence for this allegation.

Musk refuted the acquisition rumour. The claim’s source is dubious and has propagated misconceptions. There are no big press reports or financial documents supporting the deal.

Compared to Musk’s high-profile acquisitions, Xvideos is unusual. He buys electric vehicles, space exploration, AI, and social media firms.

Some speculated that Musk wanted to operate a huge sexual site to “increase humanity’s drive to live,” but this seems untrue. The Xvideos rumour reveals Musk’s celebrity and public fascination more than any commercial insight.

Current data suggests Elon Musk has yet to purchase or plan to buy Xvideos. The story reminds us to verify rumours before believing them, even if they go viral online.

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